Why choose Look2sanitise UV box during this Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore

You might have heard of UV sterilizer boxes in the consumer market, but what if you’re looking for professional grade sanitizing boxes? You search online and found a few websites or companies selling the boxes but wonder what tells them apart? Especially for us in the AV industry, we are looking at equipment that are not very big but also not very small. We probably don’t need a UV sanitizing cabinet, but we can’t have a small box like the sterilizer box as well. The good news is that you stumbled upon our post. In this post, we’ll define what makes our UV sanitizing box different from others and show a few examples of how you can utilize this in your business today.

What is UV Sanitizing?

Scientifically speaking, the function of all UV sanitizing technology remains the same. They utilize UV-C and a formula to calculate the time and intensity needed to sanitize the equipment effectively. It’s the same technology being used in sterilizer boxes or cabinets or UV lamps. Before they are used in the consumer world, they have been using it in hospitals and laboratories.

Why is UV Sanitizing Important?

Before we dive into why our UV box is different, we need to ask ourselves why we are buying this product. Think of it this way, we shower to stay clean and hygienic so that we lessen the exposure of Covid-19. UV sanitizing for our equipment is like a bath for them. Previously, it was mostly used in hospital and laboratories because there are patients and untested chemicals mixing around everywhere This might lead to a lot of harmful bacteria. If you look at our world now, isn’t it similar to a hospital? Researchers in British Columbia asked staff at 3 hospitals to disinfect their smart devices 2 times a day and found a drastic reduction in the amount of bacteria growing on the devices afterwards, according to the report.

Can UV Sanitizing Inactivate Coronavirus?

UV technology can inactive coronavirus but only through one type: UV-C. This is the exact same UV that cannot penetrate through the Earth’ ozone layer which is why standing in the sunlight (which consists of UVA, B & C) will not inactive coronavirus. However, we cannot just use this technology and sanitize our equipment openly. Here’s why: it has the highest energy out of all types and it is very useful in destroying genetic material such as your bacteria but also, in us – humans. 

“You’ll literally by frying people” – Dan Arnold. He works for UV Light Technology, a company that provides disinfecting equipment to hospitals and other industrial companies in the UK. According to him, there has been a enquiry from a private individual saying they can’t just get one of their UV lights and put it in the exit of the supermarket, what if people stood under it before they go in? 

So how do we tackle this problem? Everything is designed within a box (10 minutes is the recommend time for our box which will inactivate coronavirus) – similar to how hospitals enclosed the area where they are sanitizing the equipment and ensure that there is nobody anywhere.

But wait, what has this got to do with what kind of UV boxes I choose?

Safety. Handling UV technology is especially dangerous and you should take necessary preventive measures to protect yourself. Our UV box is made with the highest quality materials as well as safety features to make it safe for use, even for someone who has not used it before. If you need certifications, we have it as well.

What differentiates our UV box?

We specifically brought in this UV box for these times of uncertainty. Sure you can maintain your personal hygiene wherever you go but the equipment you handle might not be clean. What do you do? Drop it in the box.

Our box fouses on 3 niches, design, materials and safety certifications. Sure these boxes are quite large and bulky and it might be hard to make them look good and ergonomic. However, Look2sanitise has designed the box in Belgium by leading designer Seen Design. It gives off a modern look on the outside and customizable inside. People are sure to take a second look at it, even though they do not know what it is. For it’s size it is pretty light and the handles make it very ergonomic to use so you don’t have to waste more manpower by asking 2 people to carry 1 box. In fact, you can ask 1 person to carry 2 boxes!

The materials are also of high quality. The external case is made of lightweight and rust resistant aluminium so you don’t need WD40. The insides are integrated with a reflective texture (because UV-C is a light ray and they reflect) to ensure all-directional sanitizing. Remember those hard to clean spots on your microphones? Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore! The acrylic trays provided are UV resistant and transparent so the UV light can pass through them and it is customizable as well. Who says you need to buy them again? Unless, you want more customizable designs or you dropped it on the floor. For us, if we want to sanitize microphones then we need to have a tray that has a circular cut out instead of the usual rectangular ones. The last and most important is the UV-C lamp. Similar to how you would want a European car for it’s luxury and superior feeling, the lamp is made in Europe by Phillips and were chosen to minimize the creation of harmful ozone gases.

More importantly, all these sanitization is done while enclosed in a box. Apart from using it effectively, we recognize the potential harmful effects it has on people and it was designed with a safety catch which only allows the UV lamp to turn on when it is closed. In case anybody who does not know how to use it, you don’t have to worry about them opening it and being exposed to the UV lamp for long, which will cause harm to them. There also is simple LED indicator on the outside: red being sanitizing and green being sanitizing is completed. Just like how you wouldn’t go on a red traffic light, the LED lights are a sure way to tell people whether they should open the box.

Of course, all of these won’t matter if they don’t have proper verifications. We understand that this is a sensitive field and application and you are probably suspicious of these claims. We submitted our UV box for both CE and FCC testing and certifications by a well-respected and recognized American-based lab: Bay Area Compliance Labs Corp. (BACL), and not any second-tier generic lab. In case you’re wondering about their credibility, they have more than 40 branches and test laboratories in the world.

How to utilize our UV sanitizing box in your company?

 #1 – Use it for anything you use it daily

Examples would include your smart devices, phones, tablets or even your wallet. Especially for those who hold 2 phones, you can even use the UV box for your spare phone when you’re out for lunch. You can also use it for desk items such as your keyboard or an entire laptop if it is small enough to fit the box. Remote controls, landline phones or earpieces can all be sanitized as well. Since it’s capacity is quite big, there is enough space for even 2 person’s worth of items if they are not too big.

#2 – Use it for AV equipment

We brought in this UV box from our industry’s perspective. Think about events in ball rooms, weddings or even in schools. They all have a basic AV system set up and what is the most common thing they use from a consumer point of view? The microphone. This is not just shared between your colleagues whom you know has vaccinated themselves, but also freelancer emcees for example, that come in to use your equipment. The best part? You can just leave the box at the end where you can ask the emcee to leave the microphones inside themselves. That way, you don’t even have to come into contact with them. Also, you can request for customizable acrylic trays that has circular cut outs so that you can fit many microphones inside to sanitize them at once.

#3 – Advocate the use of the box

When your friends start introducing that new app to you, you will check it out right? The same thing applies here, you need to inform your colleagues why they should use this box and how it can help them. If not, you can refer them to this article as well. This box does not just affect you, but your family and colleagues as well. The process of staying safe can’t happen unless everybody does their due diligence. If one person stops the constant process of sanitization, just imagine the repercussions if (touchwood) just so happens they are a Covid-19 carrier.

To sum this post up, here’s why you should choose our UV sanitizing box

·       You are now an informed decision maker

·       You know it helps with one of the major concerns in everybody’s life now

·       Our modern design, high quality materials and safe-to-use features and it’s verification certificates

Of course, you can also watch a quick product demo video on how to use our UV box on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkYFBJ5avu0&ab_channel=MediaSystemPteLtd

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